About Stillman & Birn

1958 – The Origins

Stillman & Birn has been associated with the art materials industry in the United States for decades. The original company was founded in 1958 by Philip Birn (1911 – 2004), a highly admired Viennese bookbinder who brought his "old world" craftsmanship to a small plant in the SoHo section of Manhattan. From his plant at 270 Lafayette Street, Philip Birn pioneered the concept of the black hardbound sketchbook.

2019 - Clairefontaine Acquires Stillman & Birn

Two Brands, United by a Commitment to Quality Paper and the Environment.

In 1998, Clairefontaine Rhodia acquired the Schut mill as a subsidiary of Exacompta Clairefontaine. Centuries after serving as Rembrandt’s supplier, the Schut mill now works with Clairefontaine to continue to be at the forefront of papermaking, sourcing their raw materials from sustainably managed forests, generating renewable energy, and reusing organic fibers – all while preserving the quality and care that has made them a favorite among artists and students for almost half a millennium.

Clairefontaine Acquires Stillman & Birn

Exaclair’s management team follows its founder's commitment to uncompromising quality and to developing new sketchbooks that adapt to the changing needs of artists. It’s a natural fit for Clairefontaine to add Stillman & Birn to its fine art lines.

Because of the robust quality of our papers, we believe that our sketchbooks inspire creativity: artists can feel confident to experiment with new ideas and materials because our papers support the most demanding techniques on paper.

Stillman & Birn is distributed in the U.S. exclusively by Exaclair, Inc.

Stillman & Birn is distributed in the U.S. exclusively by Exaclair, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Group Exacompta Clairefontaine. Exaclair’s office is located in New York City, warehouse and manufacturing facility is in Hamburg, NY.

Our Manufacturing

Stillman & Birn products are made and shipped from our manufacturing facility in Hamburg, NY.

Stillman & Birn products are proudly made in the USA and shipped from our manufacturing facility in Hamburg, NY. Because we are one of the few fine art companies that are vertically integrated, controlling the entire production cycle from manufacture of our papers through to the binding process, we are not only able to guarantee consistent quality, but also to minimize environmental impact.

Stillman & Birn Mixed Media Sketchbooks

There are seven series in the Stillman & Birn sketchbook program:

  • Alpha (Heavyweight, Medium Grain, White)
  • Beta (Extra Heavyweight, Cold Press, White)
  • Gamma (Heavyweight, Medium Grain, Ivory)
  • Delta (Extra Heavyweight, Cold Press, Ivory)
  • Epsilon (Heavyweight, Smooth, White)
  • Zeta (Extra Heavyweight, Smooth, White)
  • Nova (Heavyweight, Medium Grain, Beige/Grey/Black)

*Available in a wide selection of sizes and in both portrait and landscape orientations and in three binding formats: hardbound, wirebound, and softbound.

Sheets: Paper sheets are available in our new sheet packs (8" x 10" and 11" x 14) as well as in full size sheets (22" x 30"). (Nova Series, including Nova Trio, available in softbound and wirebound binding options.)*

ALPHA Heavyweight– 150 gsm White Medium Grain
BETA Extra Heavyweight – 270 gsm White Cold Press
GAMMA Heavyweight– 150 gsm Ivory Medium Grain
DELTA Extra Heavyweight – 270 gsm Ivory Cold Press
EPSILON Heavyweight– 150 gsm White Smooth
ZETA Extra Heavyweight – 270 gsm White Smooth
NOVA Heavyweight– 150 gsm Beige Medium Grain
NOVA Heavyweight– 150 gsm Grey Medium Grain
NOVA Heavyweight– 150 gsm White Medium Grain